Installing AIX from a Backup

The AIX operating system can be installed from a system backup tape created using smitty mksysb

To install AIX from a system backup:
1. Make sure that the tape drive is turned ON.
2. Make sure that the server is turned ON.
3. Open the tape drive door.
4. Turn the key to “Service”.
5. Insert the AIX Operating System backup tape into the tape drive.
6. Close the tape drive door.
7. On the server, press the “Reset” button twice.
If the TESTING COMPLETED screen displays, press [[Enter]] to continue.
Note: For a few minutes the system might appear idle. Do not open the tape drive door. Wait for the next screen to display.
8. The following message displays: “Please define the system Console”
Press [[F1]] to define the system console and then press [[Enter]]. The INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE screen appears.
9. Select Install a System that was created with SMIT “Backup The System” function or the “mksysb” command
Press [[Enter]] to install the operating system from the backup tape. The CURRENT SYSTEM SETTINGS screen displays.
10. Verify that the system settings are correct. If the correct settings are displayed, select Install a SMIT “Backup The System” image with the current setting. Press [[Enter]]. The Final Warning screen displays.
11. Select Continue with installation. Press [[Enter]].
12. Press [[Enter]] to start the tape. The installation takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
13. Turn the key to “Normal” before the installation completes. When the installation is complete, a screen displays indicating that the AIX Base Operating System installation is complete.
14. Remove the AIX Operating System backup tape from the tape drive.
15. Press [[Enter]] to reboot the server.
16. During rebooting ignore the following error messages:
The System Resouce Controler daemon is not active. Machine not identical previous configuration. Shutdown, rebooting

Note: If the system used to create the backup tape is not the same as the system on which it is now being installed, the server might reboot two or three times.

Each time the server reboots, the system reconfigures. When the server reboots successfully, a login prompt displays.


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