Cisco Switch Err-Disable problem

Yesterday, I found 3 FastEthernet port disabled on My Catalyst Express 500 (Port 20,23 & 24): ce-500

And this is the screen shoot from the alert page:


Result of running ’#show interface status’; 3 port status =’err-dissabled’ port-status

VLAN Configuration; Port 23-24 on Default VLAN, Port 20 on VLAN 3 vlan-info

Taken from Forum, port with ’ERR-DISABLED’ status can be resolved by running ’shutdown’ and ’no shutdown’ on that interface:


#config t

(config)#interface fastethernet 20


(config-if)#no shutdown

In order to turn on errdisable recovery and choose the errdisable conditions, issue this command: #errdisable recovery cause ?

Another command to troubleshoot:

  • show interfaces status err-disabled-Shows which local ports are involved in the errdisabled state.
  • show etherchannel summary-Shows the current status of the EtherChannel.
  • show errdisable recovery-Shows the time period after which the interfaces are enabled for errdisable conditions.
  • show errdisable detect-Shows the reason for the errdisable status

Because ’err-disable’ on my port caused by LOOPBACK, and when I see from ’#show errdisable recovery’ command the timer status is disabled, so I need to ’enable’ and give recovery timer for loopback.

(config)#errdisable recovery cause loopback

(Config)#errdisable recovery interval 400


Cause I am not Certified yet on Cisco, I don’t know is it a good decision or not give recovery timer for ’loopback’. I just won’t t to run ’shutdown’ & ’no shutdown’ if my port status ’err-dissable’ again. maybe u can give suggestion? I’ll apreciate it..

Update: Troubleshoot guide from Cisco:


5 responses to “Cisco Switch Err-Disable problem

  1. also check and make sue that you do not have bpduguard enabled on the interfaces.

    if you do, use the command of default-interface ( port number)

    then go to interface and use the shut then no shut command.

  2. Hi Aziz,
    it seems that you’ve enabled the telnet service on a Cisco CE500, which is supposed to be manageable only by a web interface, as of Cisco official documentation. Can you tell us how to do this, please?
    Thanks in advance

  3. @serg, as usual lah:
    interface Vlan1
    ip address
    no ip route-cache
    line con 0
    line vty 0 4
    privilege level 15
    login local
    line vty 5 15
    privilege level 15
    login local

  4. Aziz,
    I tried the above, but I could not telnet into my ce500.
    Can you help me out please.


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