CCNA Study Guide 640-802

If you are looking for CCNA Study Guide regarding the new version of CCNA 640-802 Exam, here is the complete PDF study guide:

Last Updated, 09 July 2008:

Sybex CCNA Study Guide 640-802 6th Edition.rar


CCNA PORTABLE COMMAND GUIDE 2007.rar–Exam-640-802—2nd-Edition—Exam-Prep-_4478.html


CCNA Video Mentor: (Exam 640-802) By W Odom


Cisco Press – Ccna Certification Guide 640 – 802

Ccna 640-802 Ppt Slides, By SYBEX Todd Lammle:

Pass4sure 640-802 v3.10:

TestInside 640-802 v14:

TestKing 640-802 v17:

ActualTest 640-802 ver. 02/13/08:


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80 responses to “CCNA Study Guide 640-802

  1. does anyone have information on the simulation on 640-802 exam dealing with dragging/dropping routers, switches, and dragging/dropping host ip addresses? Then configuring interfaces.This is an all in one simulation that was on the exam…

  2. This is a good link. In the simulation on the 640-802 exam, how do you know which IP addresses to drag & drop to which newtork devices?

  3. i have given ccna exam last month could noy pass because of that simulation and drag of ip address but thanks yaar i hope i will be getting good of it.

  4. Dear Aziz you are doing great work by helping us out thank you.Aziz do you have any latest braindumps which you can send or send us a link THANK YOU again

  5. Dear Aziz,

    Assalamoalaykum. I am Bangladeshi. How are you? You are relay a very helpful man.
    May Allah bless you.

    Allah Hafaz


    • Salam alaykum Aziz,

      I would like to THNAK you very much, barak Allahu fik my brother. I have one simple question, I have got GNS3, and uploaded the C7200 IOS Image (that I got from the links you put), I have confgured the router according to the GNS guide (FE and Serial slots), but when I start it and open a console window, All I got is a black window with one line one it, no ###### signs indicating that the IOS is being loaded.

      Would you please help me Aziz.

      Barak Allahu fik.
      Salam alaykum

  6. Hi everybody,

    Thank you Aziz for this blog. really, you have an interesting piece of mind on 640-802.
    I’m a user of the “Dynamips” simulator, i’m ready to be helpful for everybody to begin use this fantastic tool.

    The first problem for the beginners will be of course the IOS, so refer to the “” to hint some Cisco IOS.

    Good luck.

    • Salam alaykum Abdellah,

      I’m trying to use Dynamips with GNS3, but it does not work!!! I have c 7200 IOS image, but when I start the router and open a console window, I get NOTHING except a black window with only one line on it, NO #### signs indicating that the IOS image is being loaded.

      Would you please help me brother.

      barak Allahu fik.

      Salam alaykum

  7. Asalam 3alikom,

    Thank you very much Aziz for the great documents you’ve posted, but one thing one of the pdf files asked me for a password, please email me that password if you have it please.


  8. @Abdellah
    thank you..

    for Cisco Press – Ccna Certification Guide 640 – 802

    password= 7^%HSGS$#SNhd51!shfy^&%$d

  9. Dear Sir,

    i am well pleased to contact you after going through your
    blog on my search. i will like to be your good student, please contact me with this ( id i am waiting for your reply soon

    I am sk sabbir ali. i live in kolkata (india). now i am working at Rose Valley Group Of Companies as a Asst. System Administrator. also i have to manage our network.

    this is my first later to you. i saw your blog. its really helpfull for us. sir do you have any free latest full dumps of ccna?? if yes please send me as soon as possible.

    sk sabbir ali

  10. Hi friend Aziz, ..By next month i am giving CCNA
    exam, kindly send me the Testout 640-802 rapidshare link.


  11. Bro. Aziz, very informative u maintaining … thx.
    I was looking for link of Cisco’s Security Device Manager (earlier version ok).
    Note that, i do not have a cco accnt or cant have !!


  12. Hi can anyone tell me tht when did the CCNA 640-802 version 3.24 got relised…coz i got 3.22 and gone give exam tomorrow…
    scared abt exam…does it gone work with such version…?

  13. Hi buddy,
    the links which u have uploaded are really helpful for studying and reviewing CCNA.

    Thanks a lot.

    Please stay in touch



  14. Hi
    thanks guys for this cool site where we can pull material like study guides for free this is what we need.



  15. All,
    just share, I hv only v3.22 version

    CCNA Pass4sure 640-802 v3.22=


  16. HeyAll,

    Dont rely on p4s 3.22 or 400 to 503 question becuase i failed 2 times now i hav one more chance ….i dont wana miss it ….. n waitn for latest pass4sure plz i need latest p4s

  17. ok if ill study this pdf book is this much enough for me
    actually i m preparing for the ccna exam.
    tell me is it enough?

    • dear najam can i have a cisco authenticated book to pass my CCNA have to pass in next month please give me a link to the study materialS like books etc..

  18. Hello,
    The link you provided for the 640-802 version 8.14 requires an order number and serial code. Can you provide that information too please?


  19. Hi All,

    I have to give CCNA exam on coming december , please help me to provide latest dumps which will help me to pass the exam.


  20. Assalam o aliakum, and jazakallah kharain for doing these lots of great work .,please send me latest CCNA dumps in my given id…

  21. Salam Alaikum Br. Aziz,

    Please can you send me step by step confugaration of cisco router 877w.

    Jazzak Allah Khair,


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  23. Assalamu alaikum Brother. Is there any Bengali books to get prepared for CCNA as it will easy and effective to get things done. Thanks.


  24. Hello there,
    I am an American. I wish to Setup an Animation Studio in India. Presently i’m researching for animators. I chose India mainly because it is lower priced when compared with U.S. I wish to fully understand the strategies for starting off a business enterprise in India, particularly an animation studio.

    Could you folks please help me out?

  25. God damn this 640-802 looks so difficult for some people. But today is possible to pay as a specialist in information technology by around $ 70,000 dollars annually. A very good salary, but everything depends on the training you have, for example through ccna courses and things like that.

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