How to restore LTO1 or 2 on LTO 3 Drive

For many reason, I re-post again about this issue; How to restore LTO1 or 2 on LTO 3 Drive…

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Inject the tape into the ACS library, then perform a robot inventory of the ACS library.

  2. After the volume database is updated, the RobotType of the media will change to “ACS” and the tapes should be recognized as “hcart”.

  3. Run “vmchange -new_mt <new density> -m <media ID>” to change the density. <new density> should be “hcart3” for the LTO Gen-3 drive and <media ID> refers to the media barcode. An eg would be “vmchange -new_mt hcart3 -m dx0333”

  4. Run “vmquery -m <mediaID>” to check that the density have been updated to “hcart3” from “hcart”.

  5. Run “bpmedia -changeden -new <density> -ev <mediaID>”

  6. eg “bpmedia -changeden -new hcart3 -ev dx0333” Note: This command will take some time to complete. Please be patient and let it complete on it’s own. If terminated halfway, strange things may occur later.

  7. Run “bpmedialist -m <mediaID>” to check that the density have been updated.

  8. Run the normal restoration procedure to restore the data from the LTO Gen1 tapes using the ACS library.

  9. Once, we have completed the restoration, the tape should be ejected from the ACS library to prevent it from being used for future backups. If necessary, will need to execute the commands in Step 3 and 5 to change the density back to “hcart”.


8 responses to “How to restore LTO1 or 2 on LTO 3 Drive

  1. Thanks for creating this. It seems the bpmedia -changeden option is undocumented and quite hard to find anywhere! Please keep this post available.

  2. Hi,

    Yes not very well documented…

    root@server# bpmedia
    bpmedia: operation not specified
    -freeze|-unfreeze|-suspend|-unsuspend -m [-h ] [-v]
    -movedb -m -newserver [-oldserver ] [-v]

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Best Regards

  3. Hello Aziz,

    I tried to Change it Under SL3000 Tape Library, but I was Unable to do that, And there is No option for bpmedia -changeden command, Please Advise.


  4. Do you have updated information for changing the tape density in NetBackup 7? bpmedia does not have the -changeden parameter in NetBackup 7.

    Thank you!

  5. @shellley,

    Yes you are right bpmedia -changeden is no more from 6.5 you just need vmchange -density. it will change the density.

    I can change the density but facing Issues with Sl3000 tape library it does not show up any media as ACS it gives the density. Does anyone have an idea about this?

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