Step Upgrading to Veritas Netbackup 6

Step by Rakesh Khandelwal:

First check release notes to make sure H/W and O/S you are about to use is supported or not. Release Notes for UNIX and Windows ( )
Symantec’s Upgrade Guide, Version “B” ( )

Assuming you have already checked databse consistency and resolved any known or preexisting consistency issues or catalog inconsistencies

Step 1 : Prepare, Upgrade and Patcvh the Master Server

  1. Backup the catalogs
  2. In a c clustered environment, take NetBackup offline.
  3. Deactivate all policies.
  4. On Solaris Only, uninstall the old version of NetBackup.
  5. Upgrade the software:
  6. Stop all services.
  7. run the installation.
  8. Apply the latest maintenance packs.
    NOTE : For Windows clustered environments, perform NetBackup upgrade installations from the system console, not from a Remote Terminal Services sessions.

Step 2: Populate the EMM database

  1. Ensure that the daemons or services and processes are running.
  2. Run nbpushdata -add on the ipgraded systems in the following order:
    a) The host that was the 5.x Global Device Database host
    b) All upgraded master servers
    c) All upgraded 5.x Volume Database hosts
  3. Restart the services/daemons.
  4. Run nbpushdata -modify_5x_hosts on all 6.0 master servers.

Step 3: Upgrade the NetBackup Remote Administration Console System and any addition components

1.Stop all services/daemons

2.Run the installation.

3.Apply the latest maintenace packs.

4.Restart the services/daemons.

5.Upgrade and add-on components.

6.Install the latest maintenance packs for the add-on components.

Step 4: Prepare, upgrade and Patch the Media servers

  1. On Solaris only, uinstall the old version of NetBackup.
  2. Upgrade the software:
    a) Stop all services/daemons.
    b) Run the instalation.
  3. Apply the latest maintenance packs.
  4. Restart the services/daemons.
  5. Populate the EMM database:
    nbpushdata -add

Step 5: Upgrade the clients

  1. Perform local or remote client upgrades.
  2. Install the latest maintenance packs.

Step 6: Complete and Test the upgrade

  1. Activate the policies
  2. Run test backup jobs.
  3. Backup the catalogs.

Additional Information from Dennis Strom:

here all the info I have on upgrading. I even included a link to this post since I really liked Rakesh’s post.

Other link:

Upgrading to Veritas NetBackup 6.0 on Supported Windows Platforms

VERITAS NetBackup 6.0 Release Notes, for UNIX, Windows, and Linux

Upgrading to Veritas NetBackup 6.0

VERITAS NetBackup 6.0

18 responses to “Step Upgrading to Veritas Netbackup 6

  1. hi,

    I have a master server currently which has netbackup 5.1 installed on it.we plan to move all the activities to a new server.
    but on the new server we have netbackup 6.0MP4 already installed.

    I need to move all the catalog information from the first master server to the other one.

  2. I think, you must first upgrade it to Netbackup 6, then perform the “migrating NetBackup media server to a new media server”.

    I hv a short documentation, just read carefully:
    The procedure is similar to the decommision of the media server.

    You have to update the images and mediaDB for each media id used for backup by the media server in question.

    Issue the command bpmedialist -h . Then using this list issue the command bpmedia -moveDB -newserver -m

    Note : The master server is usually a good choice if it has tape drives that of the same type.

    This is a long process as NBU trolls through the imageDB for each media id updating the header files.

    You then need to update the globDB, issue the command ../volmgr/bin/vmglob -listall -b, copy the hostname of the server you want to remove and issue the command vmglob -delete -devhost

    Then remove the storage unit, and the server entry from the server list of the master server.

    Will the new media server have the same hostname as the decommissioned media server ?

    If so then perform the following steps :
    1. ISSUE the vmglob -delete -devhost command on the master server to remove entries in the globDB ( global device configuration ) for the old media server configuration.

    Note : You can add back the entries by issuing a ../volmgr/bin/tpautoconf -sync on the media server. If you need to.

    2. Copy the ../netbackup/db/media/mediaDB file to the new server in the same location.

    3. Then configure the new media servers device configuration.

    4. Update the storage unit properties.

    If it’s a different hostname then perform the steps in the previous post. As it’s essential that you keep the NBU images and media DB’s consistent if you plan to upgrade to 6.0 later.
    Move Master to new server with new hostname
    Have a look at appendix A in the Netbackup 6.0 Admin Guide vol 1, it shows how to move the EMM DB.

    Though changing the hostname is not that simple as netbackup keeps a reference to the hostname of the media server for each fragment in the header file for each image in the NBU DB. You can change this reference using the bpimage -newserver -id , for each media used for backups.

    Also NBU also keeps host references in the EMM for the servers that backed up using a certain piece of media. You can look at this using the nbemmcmd -listmedia -allrecords and this needs to be updated also. So that media will expire.

    So if you can keep the original hostname you save yourself a LOT of trouble. If you need to move then take a hot or cold backup of the original and perform a recovery to the new host.



  3. Hi Aziz,
    This is a really good blog. I have an old master server running NBU 6.0 MP4 and a new master server on which NBU 6.0 MP4 is already installed. The new master server will have a different hostname from that of the old master server. We also need to decommission a media server. We have a StorageTek Library which will be disconnected from the old server and then connected and configured to work with the new server. How should i go about doing this ?

  4. We are running 6.0.MP4 – can anyone tell me how to print off the configuration files. We are preparing for the Netbackup 6.5 upgrade and I would like to print off current configuration.


  5. Thank you for all your help. I installed NetBackup 6.5 client binaries on a solaris 10 cluster but it wont run. My suspicion is that I would have to export legacy run control scripts to xml repository but don’t know how. Second question is how do you ensure NetBackup is setup to start on system startup using SMF on solaris 10 media server?

  6. Dear Aziz,

    I need a help, as i am having a windows master server running on windows 2003, veritas netbackup 5.x. I am also having one more new server which is at different location having different hostname & all , wth netbackup 6.x. I want to migrate from my current server (5.x) to this new server (6.x) with all the old backup accessible for restores. Could you suggest me a way to acheive this one. Thanks in advance.

  7. Aziz,
    I am watching this form long time and it has useful information.

    I want to use my master server 5.1 for only restores, all the clients are migrated to new server 6.5.2. What are the components required for restores

    Do we need mediadb, voldb files for restores?


  8. Dear Aziz,

    My whole setup is running on netbackup 5.0 mp7 & i want to upgrade it on to 6.x. The master & media & clients were running on Aix 5.3. Can u suggest me a way to upgrade the whole setup on netbackup 6.x .

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Dear All
    I need small help, we have upgrade NBU from 5.1 to 6.5.3 & also we have upgrade TL from LTO-2 to LTO-4, Now we are not able to restore the data residing on LTO-2 media using LTO-4 drives, i tried all the possible options, changes density from HCART-2 to HCART so LTO-4 tapes will read them, also i got below info in one of the forum we tried this also.
    nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid K00443
    > If the media is not in the db you can add it to the db with the
    > following command. Change -den hcart to your choice of media type.
    > #bptm -makedbentry -m K00443 -den hcart -poolnum 1

    We still get error saying that “MEDIA ID NOT FOUND IN MEDIA MANAGER” then it tries to mount it with failure & requests for media as same media ID.

    PLEASE HELP with best possible solution.

    • Subhash,
      Tape Library with LTO4 will detect media by its barcode/label. so, you need to replace L1 label on LTO2 media with L2 barcode/label.

      LTO4 is backward compatible with LTO2 and LTO3 data cartridges only. (LTO3 = read/write, LTO2 = read).

  10. Hi Aziz,
    I am planning to upgrade from NetBackup 6.0 MP6 to NetBackup 6.5.3 to enable us perform VMware virtual machine backups.

    Is there a step-by-step guide to performing the upgrade similar to the document for upgrading to NetBackup 5 to v6.0

    I have read the NetBackup 6.5 Admin Guide does not mention the upgrade process from 6.0

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