Download Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0.1 – Install DVD

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), formerly Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco CallManager (CCM), is a software based IP call agent platform sold by Cisco Systems. Cisco renamed the product to Unified Communications Manager. Version 6 was supposed to merge all features of the Linux appliance (SIP support and licensing requirements) between the Linux platform and Windows version. The released version of Unified Communications Manager will not support the Windows platform.

This version added an intercom feature between endpoints, and integrated Mobility Manager (single number reach to multiple destinations, IP Phone, Cell Phone, etc).

This version utilizes a slightly different licensing model from that found in 5.X. First off, CUCM 6.0 requires service licenses (for Communications Manager, etc.) and comes with a ‘starter’ license for a single node and 50 device weights (about 10 phones), and will install natively on VMWare for lab purposes.

Also released was Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition (CUCMBE, aka Cucumber), which places Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0 and Cisco Unity Connections 2.0 (Voicemail) on the same server (with 6GB of RAM).

Version 6.1 was released in January of 2008.

( Read more here..

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0.1 Install DVD

Download here (torrent file):


File size : 2.25 GiB (2419353600 Bytes)

Aprox download time : based on my speed >> 1 week;-)

I hv succeeded installing it on vmware (unsupported but work without problems), here the screen shot:





Install and Admin Guide:

Installing Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0(1) >541KB
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide, Release 6.0(1) >17MB
Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration Guide >2MB
Cisco Unified Serviceability Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 6.0(1) >4MB

More, go to here:

This site does not store any files on its server. It only indexes and links to contents provided by other sites. Please contact your Cisco representative for a license key and purchasing information.


171 responses to “Download Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0.1 – Install DVD

  1. Dude, I need your help. I download the CCM 6.0, and successfully install on VMWARE 6. How can I access the CCM thru IE from my host. Do I need to trun on the http access on the CCM. I have no experience using the CCM yet I have some CCM 5 and 5.1 but didn’t successfully installed except your CM 6.0. Please send me I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks MAC

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  2. make sure, u hv already configure ur CCM IP;
    run “show network eth0”

    exp, this my config:
    admin:show network eth0
    Ethernet 0
    DHCP : disabled Status : up
    IP Address : IP Mask :
    Link Detected: yes Mode : Auto disabled, N/A, N/A
    Duplicate IP : no

    then, with ur browser simply navigate to
    on the bottom line, u wil see link to :
    just click it.

    the login page will appear with the address bar link:

  3. Hi thanks for the help, anyway I am now installing it in my VMWARE with 2 processor.

    Can you send me any lab using dynamips and CCM 6 with ip phones. I have vto go software and dyanmips. But no idead how to setup properly.

    Please help…

  4. In addition, is it possible to skip the configuration and let it install…. later I will setup the interface….

    Would be glad if you could post a tutorial installing setp by step on vmware and a sample 2 labs….. atleast local setup later I will do the WAN setup when I successfullly have this lab….


  5. Ahhh it’s failing when installing the CCM 6 on vmware. Can you give me your setup, how did you made success installing the ccm

  6. Hey Mr Aziz thanks kindly for this share, i’ll download it during this but does this soft include a licence cauz with the version uploaded by others members in different sites the CCM 5.1.1002 linux based version, to run the services u need a licence!

    thnaks again

    I use Intel XEON 2 Ghz with 4Gib RAM while installing it, then I use lower PC with only use 664Mib RAM for running. just follow the instruction:

    Click to access cmins601.pdf

    U can skip the configuration, then configure later. Sorry I hv no dynamips lab.

    @ST Crisco
    It doesn’t include a license, u need to buy it:-). Without a license, it just “demo version” and as far as I know; demo version only support 8 nodes and 100K device units.

  8. hola , hi

    hey what OS (Operative System you load to your box PC Motherboard
    (and what box is (duck pc , brand pc (HP,IBM))

    where SO you download and where is it

    i have learnig if i goes to upload a box callmanager i need

    1.- pc (q with carasteristics)procesos mem RAM ,HD and what kind of partitions.etc
    2.-a SO
    (this case Linux but what obuntu , mandrake, unix or what,,, and with what config…..i don know break register into the pc like 3.3)
    3.-and the call manager software and what type of config…

    Well i hope you cand send me that info…..
    thanks again and have a nice weekend

  9. Dear sir,
    I managed to download the file. and I need to install it on virtual machine. when I boot the machine by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager DVD. and I follow the steps but when this all finish it says that there is no partition on the hard disk “partitioning failed” and then it boots again. How to partition my hard disk drive to be enabled to install call manager and in what tool?

  10. ernesto,
    this my hardware lab:
    – ASUS dual Intel XEON server
    – 2Ghz/4 Gib RAM
    – OS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
    – Vmware server console 1.0.2
    But actually Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 6.0 works as an Appliance on a non-Windows-based Operating System. Works on a specific hardware platform (IBM and HP). read more on install guide.

    FAdi had,
    I have failed too, It seem can’t detect HD while installing it on non-branded PC. I try to use my Asus server and it work..
    On Vmware config, use IDE harddisk, and Guest OS >>Linux; version >>Linux Other.

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  11. Dear ;
    I had download cisco unified comunication 6.0.1 and install it in VMware . But can’t login to CUCM 6.0.1 with my user name and password .
    Someone advise for me , Please .

    Thanks .

  12. @phanhung,
    please remember that during installation you will faced with 3 kind of user/password:
    – Administrator account
    for login to Operating System Administration, Disaster Recovery System and Command Line Interface.

    – Application User
    login to Application that are installed on system

    – Database Access Security
    to authorize communications between nodes in cluster.

    So, the user/password for OS and login to web interface is different..I think you forgot one of them 🙂

    See on install guide for detail info:

    Click to access cmins601.pdf

    • Hi Aziz,
      When i try to login in the cli mode inoreder to login gui the message appears login incorrect so if there is any default password or user name plz tell me i tried several times but it didn’t succed please help me .

  13. hi aziz

    regarding Licesnse cucm 6.0

    License Unit Report
    License Unit Distribution
    Phone License Feature
    LicenseServer UnitsAuthorized UnitsUsed Units Remaining
    localhost 100000 0 100000
    TotalUnitsforFeature 100000 0 100000

    CCM Node License Feature
    LicenseServer UnitsAuthorized UnitsUsed UnitsRemaining
    localhost 8 0 8
    TotalUnitsforFeature 8 0 8
    Software License Version
    LicenseServer SWVersion
    localhost 6.0

    Can you please explain whta does this license report means.
    i dint install any license ,then how come its showing 100000 nodes and all that?

  14. @walialig
    it’s not 100000 nodes, but 100000 Phone License Feature. exp, if you install Cisco IP Communicator on client PC it will take 3 licenses/PC, and cisco ip phone 7960 = 4 licenses/unit.

    From web interface, Go to “System > Licensing > License Unit Calculator’ for detail.

  15. I have installed Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0.1 on a linux machine. I only get the CLI prompt and unable to get the GUI.

    Please tell me how to get the gui.


  16. @Osman
    If you install CUCM601 and configure the network correctly as what I said on comment 2, you done!. Read the install guide (cmins601.pdf), you will find more step by step on how to install and configure the network, services etc..

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  17. hey Aziz,
    I have downloaded the ccm 5.1.1 and am now downloading 6.0.1. i had problem adding the cisco IP communicator to call manager, as it said license file required, will i have the same problem in ccum 6.0.1. please advice if i need to buy it

  18. @Luke
    This cucm 6.0.1 is demo version. for testing only, You don’t need to buy a license. its already support for 8 nodes and 100K phone license feature..

    • Hi do you have cucm11 or 11.5 or 10😞 unlock version or crack file?
      Please help me
      I really need for lab tranning

      Please tell me (


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  19. Hi. Thanks for the information. Really the CCM works. I have a softphone, one IP Phone 7960 and one IP Phone 7941 connected to UC500. I want to practice with CCM6 but I don´t know how can, for example, activate Tftp service in the CCM 6 (linux Red Hat Enterprise 3). Do you have any tutorial (or link) that shows how can activate Ip phone service? Thanks

  20. @Mohammed ateeeque
    Wa’alaikum salam
    Open Web GUI, then choose ‘Disaster Recover System’ from the Navigation menu in the upper, right corner of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration window.
    Here the manual guide:

    You can activate tftp services from “Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability”; Just open the CUCM 6.01 web GUI, then choose Serviceability from the Navigation drop-down list box in the upper, right corner of the window.

    Click Tools>Services Activation

    for further reference, read the manual here:

  21. Hello Friends where is the Pause in Cisco????

    Anyone can share with me there idea’s of Route Pattern for speed dial?????????
    A. Usually in Cisco Unified Call Manager Speed dial number its working perfect, everyone knows this
    Pattern is 9.8XXXXXXXXX
    Speed Dial and Abbreviated Dial Configuration
    Speed setting
    1. 98001245444
    B. But I need Pattern
    1. 9.8XXXXXXXXX Pause FOR (10-30) SEC XXXXXXXXXX
    Speed Dial and Abbreviated Dial Configuration
    Speed setting
    1. 98001245444,,,1486940123
    Explanation of real time call process 9.8001245444 VOICE MAIL WILL BE ANSWER THER HAVE TO INTER CARD NUMBER or extension number or id number 1486940123
    In Pattern I like to insert pause for 10 sec mid of digit lengths how I can do that? It’s there any character for pause in Cisco, Usually Telecom standard, coma is for pause


  22. Great job!! I have installed it aqnd working fine. Thank you very much.

    oh, i more thing does anyone know whether i can call between ip communicators?? I have installed ip communicator in two different computer, It registered with CUCM6, it picks directory number…… but can’t make call between them!!!! If anyone knows, please help!! thanks in advance…

  23. Great blog. Believe it or not, your website was the only place i could find about restarting my TFTP server after i kept getting an “inactive” status in the System > Service Parameters section.

    Still have NO idea why my tftp service was shut off but at least I got familiar with the Tools > Service Activation section.

    Several small questions I have:

    1) any idea what might have caused my TFTP server to suddenly become inactive? I swear I didn’t do it myself

    2) Is there a place where one can download Cisco’s IP
    Communicator? I have a COO account but since i’m not affiliated with a partnership, I don’t have license.
    But someone must have a hack right?

    3) I notice that after idle time for a few minutes, CCM requires a re-login. Any way to disable this? After all, this is just my lab setting so no security threat….plus, it gets annoying having keep logging in when I take a break.

    • Love this post. I have never heard of Tim Hawkins but will check out is touring scleudhe for sure. Would like to talk to you about your blog can you email me?

  24. I need to know the last windows version of Cisco CallManager ? if some one can tell me and is there any way to manage the CCM6.1 from windows Plateform ?

  25. I’ve installed CCM on vmware. I can surf to ccm but when I click on the admin link, ccm tells me that the page doesn’t excist.
    Could anyone help me?

  26. Hello all,

    Can anyone of you give me DETAILED VMware machine configuration? I’m unable to install system on IDE virtual HDD.

    I have tried different Vmware Servers (1.x, 2.0) and I was able to run CUCM only on SCIS virtual HDD but whenever I’m trying to open ‘Service Availability’ it doesn’t load – so can’t enable the services.

    I’d appreciate DETAILED configuration…

  27. Dear ,
    all is working fine with me Exactly as you said with the same Conf. I installed Ip Communicator on my laptop and it gives me defaulting to TFTP server
    1- does TFTP sever means my CCM IP adress (
    2-How can I register the IP Communicator in CCM6 (step by step)
    3-is there any other tools needed like CiscoIPCommunicatorAdminToolSetup.exe

    pls feedback ASAP


  28. pleas help. How to install Cisco IP Communicator on linux

    i tried to install it by Wine but without results can you help me ?

  29. Dear
    i installed the version of call manager 6.01 but as some one said above , when the installation finished it and trying to login using the login name and password it gave me error, i install it for 4 times but it give me same thing.

    hope u can reply me

  30. Hello,

    I have a hp server dl320g3, i tried installing CCM5, 6 and 6.12, but when it gets to the bit where it has to start the installation, it opens up REDHAT gui interface. then it crashes.

    it allows me to put all the necessary info. like IP address and all.

    Can you help me please..why am I getting this REDHAT gui.



  31. hi,Mr Aziz,can you help me please about how to configure cisco ip phone on the cisco call manager 6.0(installed in Vmware)…thank you

  32. All,
    sorry I can’t answer all your question right now. I’m very very busy in my new company..

    Yes, the CUCM installation is similiar with Redhat GUI installation. just continue your installation.

    @Mohammad R
    sorry, I don’t hv any information about Cisco Unity

    go to here for Cisco IP Communicator manual guide:

    Click to access cug21book.pdf

    sorry, I hv no experince on building cluster node.

  33. Thank you Mr Aziz…i Have another question : I have a Cisco Call manager installed in Vmware and I have cisco Ip phone,I want to develop a service (XML )whish can show me an image on the LCD screen…

  34. plz MR.aziz OR ANY ONE CAN HELP!! i’m trying to download cucm6 on vmware and it took very long time more than 4 hours and there is a problem im facing,there’s a message saying that “it cannot detect default gateway or it can’t be reached “and after ,it makes me choose between retry or review configuration or halt or ignore and it says that ignore is not recommended(one time i choosed ignore but like this the instalation never ends), so i want to ask ON WHAT IT DEPENDS THE CUCM IP ADDRESS AND THE IP ADRESS OF THE DEFAULT GATEWAY???I TRIED TO GIVE THE CUCM THE IP ADDRESS OF ONE OF THE VM NETWORK CARDS and there are 2 network cards!!! and GAVE THE GATEWAY IP ADDRESS IN THE SAME SUBNET BUT IT DOESNOT WORK!!!!!!HELP PLZZZZZ ON WHAT IT DEPENDS THE IP ADDRESSES I GIVE TO THE CUCM AND THE DEFAULT GATEWAY???!!!!!

  35. plz how can i change the background image in cisco ip communicator? the cisco call manager 6.0 is installed in Vmware!!! Thank you

  36. Some how everything gets install and while rebooting, I get

    GRUB loading please wait,

    Error 17″

    I am new to Linux, Can some one help me to get the CM6 loaded.


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  37. please any body out there, i am facing some problem help me out

    i have installed ccm6.0.1 on the following spec

    1. Machine – dell ispiron 1420 dula core intel processor
    2. host operting system – windows XP

    unfortunately after ccm installation it says, INSTALLATION FAILED, plz tell me what should I do.

    thx again

  38. Okay, I have the following server.

    HP Proliant DL360 G3 2 x 3.0GHz/ 3GB/ 2x 73GB 10K/ RAID

    I boot up the server to the DVD media and it tells me the hardware is not compatible and terminates. At first I thought it was because of the raid, it does this 4gb boot partition in the 1+0 so the virtual disk is only 67gb. Thinking that was holding it up, I changed it to raid 0 so I have a 135gb virtual disk.

    The installation still errors out with unsupported hardware.

    What on earth is going on? Any ideas?

  39. Hey
    Thank you for the tuto and the links
    Actually CCM is available for download
    It’s working on Vmware server 2.0 under Linux but not on Sunbox
    I have a slight problem you may have encountered:
    I cannot install software updates either when choosing local or ftp
    when I click next nothing happens
    tested with Firefox under Linux and IE (should I say under Windows..)
    Actually what I really need is the format of the xml files for C7975G
    Localisation files , config and dialplan, etc..
    I plan to have them connected to an Asterisk
    I found some samples of config files but with few modifications and not documented at all
    Thanks in advance

  40. I answer to myself
    A reboot was needed
    Actually ccm6 is really eager when runing on virtual machine:

    Under Vmware allocate as much disk space as necessary (20GB mini)
    and close every applications

  41. CCM 6
    I can’t log in “Localhost login:”
    i was carefull when selecting passwords
    I believe it is the Administrator password i must provide.
    Still it does not work

    I’m using Vmware workstation 6.5

    Can you help???

  42. hi Mitza/Mahmoud,
    as I told you that during installation you will faced with 3 kind of user/password:
    – Administrator account
    for login to Operating System Administration, Disaster Recovery System and Command Line Interface.

    – Application User
    login to Application that are installed on system

    – Database Access Security
    to authorize communications between nodes in cluster.

    the user and password are different , so I think, better for you to reinstall again, while you prompted with user/password, write down it on paper (not only the password but the username also), continue installation till finish, then try to login.

    • I did what you told me to do.
      Still doesn’t work.

      Why is it asking me for “”Localhost login:””??? and not CCM login????

      I entered Admin user and password and still it doesn’t work.

      I thought it will ask for admin password.
      Even if it’s the same ,i tried and doesn’t work.
      I used Vmware workstation 6.5, and VMplayer .

      What should i do.

      • Mitza,
        you mean, you prompted with “localhost login: ” while you access it using the browser?. what is the IP address of your CCM ? what is the address did you type on browser?.
        Please, don’t be confused with your localhost IIS web server on your PC/laptop.

      • No,”” Localhost login:”” appears in console mode.
        I guess i can’t use the browser until i dont log in as admin in console mode. At least this is what i saw in tutorial.
        I’t like in the picture on top of the page ,with Vmware server console . But mine doesn’t ask for cucm login. idose ask for localhost login.

      • Okay. I think you are forgot; either the username or password. Sorry, can’t help on this.

        in example above, “CUCM601” its just a hostname. so no problem if you choose “localhost” for hostname.

  43. Hi

    I am running vmware workstation 6.5
    I instaled CCM without erros following the steps in the video of Josh on took down on paper all the usernames and passwords created, basically the same for everyting.

    After successful installation and reboot, It goes to login prompt.
    I tried all username/pwd, that I configured while installing CCM along with root/no pwd
    sudo/no pwd, etc etc.
    I also cannot access via web browser…

    Uninstalled and installed CCM 3 times, but i still cannot login……getting desesperate
    Could some one give me a hand?


    • Hi, I found a solution that worked for me.

      Did you enter a username and or password prior to setup in VMWare? If you did then you need to start again. This time create a new Virtual Machine and choose to install the OS later (RH3). Then boot up and off you go. The same happened to me a few times. I think its a glitch with VMWare and the way CUCM is built upon the top of RH.

      • Geo,
        I would appriciate it if you could explain the steps that you took for resolving this. After installing the Virtual Machine, how do you then add the OS? Also I am so confused with regards to the IP addresses that we should use, ie the default gateway is which of the adapters, the windows host adapter ip address or the vmware adapter?

  44. Well i didn’t choose the hostname “”Localhost””, i chose ccm or something else, but anything i choose it stil displays “Localhost”

    I didn’t forget the username or password because i wrote them on paper.

    • Hi Mitza

      I have the same problem.
      I used the same username and password for all the logins requested.
      Now i cant login.

  45. Mitza/Mario,
    are both of you using Vmware Workstation?. it quiet strange if setup the hostname “ccm” but you got login prompt “localhost”. Don’t forget while prompted with “DHCP configuration” you select NO, then configure ip address and the gateway also. for DNS client, just select NO.

    Please be aware that; while you prompted with “Administration Login Configuration”, the user/password are for login to system console.
    and the another one is “Application User Configuration”, its user/password are for Webpage Console.

    Because, at least six characters long, better for you to choose user/password like this:
    user : CCMAdministrator
    password : password
    Please use the Vmware Server instead of Vmware Workstation. I use Vmware Server also while installing this CUCM.

    • hi Aziz
      I have same promlem login by localhost
      when I install CCM
      Static network configuation:
      hostname: ccm-pub
      ip address:
      defaulf gateway:
      administrator login configuatin
      administrator ID: ccmadministrator
      password: quyetxd1934
      Database access security configuation
      security password: quyetxd1934
      application user configuation
      application user name: ccmadministrator
      help me!!!!!!!!

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  46. Aziz

    I have to develop an xml application customers has to get phone nos from the is IP phone by linking axepta db table..

    For that I have downloaded IPSS SDK 7.1 .But I required CUCM 7.0 or any other version.
    I was searching a lot for CUCM 7.0,but its available for Linux..Is it available for Windows also???what can I use for windows? Or can I use CUCM 6.0???

    im totally new to this technology.I posted my questions in Cisco forums..But nobody is responding 😦
    im really fed up:(

    I dont know what to do??
    Please help!

  47. Geo was right.
    It worked the way he said.

    I used Vmware Workstation 6.5 , and i allocated 1 GigaRam
    and 40 G of HDD space.

    Thank you Geo and Aziz

    • i have localhost problem please tell how to fix this problem ASAP i’m using VMware workstation 6.5 i know this problem the root account is not disabled pleaseee help me thanks

  48. Can anybody give me a link on rapidshare if any to download any version of CCM.

    Aziz, you have been good to us all, pls does CUCM ver 5 runs on vmware worstation 6.0 , can’t seem to bring it to install on mine.


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  50. Hi
    Thanks for share
    I install CCM6.0.1 successfully but i cant login
    to CCM i try more than 10 times but each time
    i see the message “Login Incorrect”
    Please Help

  51. “Did you enter a username and or password prior to setup in VMWare? If you did then you need to start again. This time create a new Virtual Machine and choose to install the OS later (RH3). Then boot up and off you go. The same happened to me a few times. I think its a glitch with VMWare and the way CUCM is built upon the top of RH.”

    Also I used Vmware Workstation 6.5 , and i allocated 1 GigaRam
    and 40 G of HDD space.

    • i didnt understand your solution Mitza, would you explain step by step, please ?
      i have vmware workstation 7.1

      thank u,


  52. Thanks Mitza for your solution
    My problem was solved but i got in
    another problem!!!!!!!
    When i was finishing installation of UCM
    i got this message :
    “you may dump diagnostic information at this time to a
    USB storage key. would you like to dump diagnostic information?”
    and when didn’t find any USB storage key it show this message:
    “Unable to find the USB storage key. would you like to try again?”
    and if i click on no it will exit from installation process
    Could you please help me again

  53. Well i didn’t got the message you had.

    I don’t know how to solve this.You should try to install again.
    Did you use Cisco unified communication manager 6.0.1?


    • Hi
      I wanna have comparison between CM4.1 and CM7.1
      or CM4.1 and CM6.1
      Do you have any document about this?
      Your help is appreciated.

    • Hi Payam
      Can you tell me how to solve this problem. I got the same message as you : ” you may dump diagnostic information at this time to a USB storage key …….”. I had used vmware workstation v7 at first, then tried with vmware server. But it didn’t work too.
      Help me please !!!!!!!!

  54. Aziz,
    I have downloaded the torrent, do i now need to change the format of the file or just burn a DVD and install it?
    If I need to change the format of the file then how do i do it and what should be done.
    Your help is appreciated.


    • Hi
      You dont need to change any format
      you must first install vmware server on your pc
      then add virtual machine and introduce CM6.1.iso
      to this machine and follow the installation process .

  55. Guys,
    I want to know if the below spec of servers support CUCM6 upwards.I am planning to buy one of them and especially the first one with quad core. Please let me know.

    1) HP ProLiant ML115 G5 AMD Opteron 1354 Quad Core / 1GB / 160GB / DVD Optical / 1 Year Warranty / Tower Server

    2) HP ProLiant ML110 G5 – Server – micro tower – 4U – 1-way – 1 x Xeon 3065 / 2.33 GHz – RAM 1 GB – HDD 1 x 250 GB – DVD±RW (+R double layer) – Gigabit Ethernet –


  56. Hello,

    I’m very intrested in CUCM testing, I have managed to install the system. Would you be so kind as to tell me (in some short step-by-step) how to set up some BASIC configuration so I would be able to make a calls between two internal extensions using Cisco IP Communicator?



  57. Guys,
    I now have a HP Proliant AMD Quad Core server with 1TB HD and 8Gig RAM.
    I have downloaded the CUCM6.0.1 torrent from above link. It fails to boot with error”Could not find kernel image:linux”.
    Coudl you guys help please as to what I am missing?


  58. I have a problem. With this CCM image, VMWARE ask to install previosuly a Red Hat linuk like OS in order to be able to load CCM.

  59. aziz u d man it worked on vmware workstation though but it took time had to chose plateform linux….linux type other 2.6 kernel ..took me ages but it work u the man …still trying to configure the ip comunicator on my system to c the call manager….thanx once again uve done a great job ere man…

  60. Hello

    I was trying to install CCM6.1 using vmware workstarion 7.0 but when it’s going to install said is not valid partition, i watch the videos for installation and follow the steps. any help please

  61. Salam aziz jan,

    I have problem with opening the CUCM6.0 Web page ,
    IIS is runing and Tomcat service has been restarted.
    I installed more than 5 times but the problem still exist .
    please help how to open the cucm web page?

  62. Hi Brother!

    Do u have idea about conntion of Informix Dynamic server of CUCM?

    I need to connect th IDS from external application (ODBC or JDBC) for reporting stuff

  63. hi aziz thanks for the links .. i have a problem it says could not find kernel image when i try to install.. can you tell me what the problem is….thanks

  64. Hey Guys, I have installed vmware workstation on my windows xp machine and tried installing call manager version 6.0. I created a new virtual machine in vmware and mapped it to the correct ccm 6.0 .iso file. But when i try rebooting the virtual machine with this iso to install the call manager, it starts a dhcp request somehow and gives this warning: “Virtual device ide1:0 will start disconnected.” after this the installation just stops.

    Please help me..:(:(

    • JC, will there be pre-paid parking available for SHU season ticket holoHrs?edw many season tickets has SHU sold?How many five-game plans packages has SHU sold?What are the Devils doing to give the place a Pirate Blue look on SHU game days?When will SHU get to practice on their floor?

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  67. hi
    can anybody give me a tutoriel about implementing cisco unified communication 6.x , and how to emulate it using gns3, at least how to emulate the call manager cluster

    • I’m your number one fan and I have look up to yuh Since I was in fourth grade . Your sooooooo good and I want to fulfill my dream and go to the WNBA just like you and be amazing!! I’m only in 9th grade and trying my hardest at evnhtyrieg I do. Hopefully ill make it !!

  68. can i get the softphone for CCM version 4 or 6?

    is there any call centre agent for this version to log and maintain all calls?

  69. Page does not load when I go to “cisco servicebality > Tolls > service activation” …Nothing happens, All I see is “please wait, loading”.

    Any idea ?

  70. Hello Aziz Bhai,

    I am from Islamabad pakistan and working in voice industry.

    our voice network consist of softswitch and cisco gateways enabled TDM e1s.

    Now i want to setup whole complete cisco setup using CUCM.

    I downloaded a torrent file for CUCM 6.0.1 in iso.

    Can you please guide is it instable and is it enough to start.

    can you please guide me for whole process?

    Thanks and i am waiting for your reply.


  71. I can’t seem to login at the CLI prompt. I use the ccmadministrator a password that I chose during setup but no luck. I am installing this on VMeare sorkistation 8 if that matters. Also I notice I get the Redhat install.

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  73. Dear AZIZ,

    Thanks a lot for your website and thanks for finding time to explaing concepts to others.

    I am a student learning CCNA CCNP and want to move to Voice side. I have a few doubts…

    What are the equipments you need to learn CCNA Voice?

    How long it will take to learn CCNA Voice?

    Please help.

  74. Pingback: CUCM and Unity Connection on VMware.

  75. To everyone having problems with the user login.

    Cisco Unified Communications Manager

    Login: root
    Password: cisco

    Hope this helps.

    • I rooted my froyo Evo with Unvdrokee, once the drivers were installed it took exactly 4 minutes to do. It really could not get much easier. WiFi tethering, here I come!

  76. Hi Aziz,

    I also received error as Installation failed, according to you we should not do installation till end then at which we should stop installation. Are we missing something if we are getting such error. Please help 😦

  77. hi,
    the CCM seems not to be available, i really need a ccm for my Lab training;
    A link to my email address ( will be highly appreciated.

  78. Hi guys,

    I would like ask you to provide CUCM Have anybody this version?
    Thank you for answers.


  79. Hi dear Aziz
    do you have cucm11 or 11.5 or 10😞 unlock version or crack file?
    Please help me
    I really need for lab tranning

    Please tell me (


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