34 responses to “Solaris 10 Remote X11,X-Server or CDE Login Problem

  1. Thanks Aziz, it worked out for me too. By the way, why did you use the netservices limited and open commands? (I ommitted them and the effect was the same) Is it some kind of precaution?


    • Nikos,
      Netservices is command to enable or disable network services.

      netservice limited it mean all network services except the secure shell daemon (sshd) are disabled. netservices open to enable again all network services.

  2. Hi AZIZ
    Really amazing doc. It helps me lot now my problem is i can login to xmanager with my user id, when i am trying to login an another id xmanager immediately closed after enter user password. Please can u solve this.

    • Mohammed, if your Solaris version is Solaris 9, then the problem with XManager closed immediately is a bug in Solaris patch 112960-62 (Solaris 9). It had issues with dtlogin per bugid 6750206.

  3. Found your solution while googling for the same problem. Great instructions. The only issue I have is that the changes won’t stay after a reboot. Is there something I’m missing? And I’m using Solaris U8 which I just patched and rebooted onlt to discover the dtlogin is back using UDP again

    • Sorry being so late in replying … The problem was with me missing a step. But here’s the kicker now… Any idea on why showmount command quite working. Comes up with “RPC: Program not registered”
      Been Googling the issue …

      • Ok forget the “RPC: Program not registered”
        My goof. remote server share was not enabled. cleared up once I restarted the share. New issue sam problem created a arcvive of my default system, installed the new flash archive, reboot had the same upd port error. Followed the steps to correct the issue on the new server. can change the x11 server properties. but the login failed. compared both master and clone svcprop svc:/application/x11/x11-server on the clone I have two extra lines:
        restarter_actions/refresh integer
        restarter_actions/restart integer
        Any idea maybe me not typing the correctly?

  4. hi

    i m new to solaris

    i have enabled xdmcp through gdmsetup and server is listening to udp 177 port.

    when from my xmanager client i try to login,after giving the credentials xmanager client windows disappear.

    i have tried it on manay hosts but the problem is same.

    plz share ur views.


  5. Hi Aziz

    This issue has been driving me scatty! I found your excellent notes after I managed to track down this issue. Please do you know why installing the same Solaris 10 x86 version (u8) configures udp 0 on some occasions but not others. It can’t be hardware can it? The installs I did on HP Blade 460c configured dtlogin process with udp0, but install the same version on HP Proliant G5 and XPC shuttle doesn’t. Is it because of the different hardware or is it something to do with selections during the install, say if there is DNS server to use or not? Updating to the latest patch bundle made no difference to the dtlogin service starting with udp0.

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  7. I am able to take the console of GUI from windows (Via XDCMP) but Keyboard was not working.

    Can you please help me on this issue.

  8. After writing netservices limited connection to server was closed and now I cannot use SSH or telnet,,, How I can connet to server again?

    • actually, all step above must be run from serial console. command “netservice limited” wil stop all network services including ssh and telnet. you hv to go to serial and type “netservice open”.

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  13. Hi Aziz,

    Could you please help me on below issue.

    -bash-3.2$ xinit

    /dev/fb: No such file or directory
    /dev/fb: No such file or directory
    Graphics Adapter device /dev/fb is of unknown type

    Fatal server error:
    InitOutput: Error loading module for /dev/fb

    giving up.
    xinit: Network is unreachable (errno 128): unable to connect to X server
    xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error.

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