Veritas Netbackup Status Code and Troubleshooting Guide

If you got failed or error with Netbackup, sometimes it’s not easy to troubleshoot. The common error that always faced with my customer is ‘status code 196 : client backup was not attempted because backup window closed‘, or the worst is the got ‘status code 96 : unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available‘.

I think if you familiar with Netbackup, and somebody told you about these error code, probably with confident smile you will say, “Owh, its easy man; for status code 196, check the backup schedule then re-arrange the backup window time between all server, client and mediaserver and then for status code 96, just simply put new cartridges on its volume pool, then run backup again, I bet 100% the error code will gone. right?.

But do you remember the whole Netbackup status code and how to troubleshoot? If you don’t then here are the Technote contains a table for NetBackup’s Status Codes, with links to potential resolutions for each:

or, you can also directly go to this page:

then just put the keyword, exp: “status code 196”.


Download also the “Veritas NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide for UNIX, Linux, and Windows


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