Symantec NetBackup 7

Still waiting for Symantec NetBackup 7 release announcement. It has not been released yet,  but actually since Dec 2009, Symantec has been offered what they call as Symantec NetBackup 7.0 First Availability (FA) program.

What’s New In Symantec NetBackup 7

Just a little bit overview of new features in the latest NetBackup 7.0 release:

Integrated Deduplication
Includes native deduplication within the NetBackup client and allows customers to increase the speed of backups in remote offices, the data center, and virtual environments.
  • Built-in client-side deduplication improves physical & virtual backups speeds by up to 10x
  • Software-based deduplication reduces costs by up to 70% versus appliance approaches
  • Integrated client and target-side deduplication provides more coverage with fewer tools
  • Manage and improve the performance of 3rd party deduplication appliances using OpenStorage
Simple & Comprehensive Data Protection for Virtual Environments
Simplifies virtual server data protection by standardizing backup of Hyper-V and VMware.
  • New VMware data protection improves speed by 50% and reduces storage by up to 40%
  • Only NetBackup offers instant file recovery from any type of VMware or Hyper-V backup
  • Complete deduplication across all virtual and physical systems regardless of backup method
  • No backup or recovery compromises for customers who backup directly to tape
Faster Disaster Recovery with Global Data Protection
Ensure rapid and easy recovery of critical applications and backup data at other sites with integrated replication features.
  • Recover terabytes of application data in seconds from anywhere at any point-in-time
  • Efficiently manage and move up to 80% less data between different sites with optimized replication
  • Unified analytics and reporting reduces recovery risk across locations and backup products
Improved Management Console and Usability
Provides centralized console for integrated reporting, monitoring, alerting and management for multiple backup and archive domains.
  • Better predict backup and archiving storage consumption
  • Analyze risk and quantify exposure and assess the recoverability of clients and applications
  • Easily track backup success rates by backup application across the entire organization
Expanded Support for Windows Server and Applications
  • NetBackup 7 fully supports Windows 2008 R2, Vista/XP/Windows 7, and Storage Server 2008
  • NetBackup 7 offers full backup and recovery support for Exchange 2010 DAG environments and Exchange 2003

For more detail, you can attend the Webcast: What’s New in Symantec NetBackup 7 on Tuesday, February 2 2010 @ 9:00 AM PT Presented By: Peter Elliman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetBackup.

Attend this webcast and learn how NetBackup 7 can enable your company to:

  • Reduce backup storage growth and network utilization by up to 80-90%
  • Streamline global backup and recovery management across both physical and virtual environments
  • Simplify and speed recovery of critical information from anywhere

REGISTER Webcast here.

Related docs:

NetBackup 7.0 Upgrade Portal (Updated Jan 19th, 2010):
The NetBackup 7.0 Upgrade Portal contains important information regarding upgrading to NetBackup 7.0 from a previous 6.x version.


Netbackup 7 released already. Read the manual guide:


NetBackup 7.0 Upgrade Portal
NetBackup Release Notes
Additional Operational Notes
Installation Guide for Windows
Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux
LiveUpdate Guide

Administrator Guides:

Administrator’s Guide for UNIX,Linux, I
Administrator’s Guide for UNIX,Linux, II
Administrator’s Guide for Windows, I
Administrator’s Guide for Windows, II
OpsCenter Administrator’s Guide
OpsCenter help set
NDMP Administrator’s Guide
Snapshot Client Administrator’s Guide
NetBackup for Hyper-V Guide
NetBackup for VMware Guide

For complete manual guides, go to here:


4 responses to “Symantec NetBackup 7

  1. Dear Saifull,

    Please tell me how we can create repository in Solaris 10.
    one of way which i heard is SVN. But when i am going to create it i am getting error in .wgetrc file.
    Where i can create this file to enter proxy detail of my network.

    Please reply

    Ankit Gelda

  2. Hi,
    I have one question can you please suggest us that how to assign tape drive in non-global zone? we all ready install the Master Server on non-global zone but we cannot see the tape devices even though we did scan as well.
    Just for your information that we did the add device as bellow.

    add device
    set match=/dev/rmt/0

    as we did for all channel (4 channel with 2 physical drive) any clue?

    Cheers, Tanvir

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