NetBackup Support Utility (NBSU)

Did you know what is NBSU or NetBackup Support Utility? this is a great tools to gather diagnostic information in where Netbackup is installed and running. Its replaced what is known as “nbsupport” in previous versions.

“The NetBackup Support Utility (NBSU) is a Symantec utility used to gather diagnostic information about the system on which the utility is run. By default, NBSU gathers appropriate diagnostic information based on the Operating System and NetBackup environment.  With the availability of many command line options, the diagnostic information gathered can be tuned as desired”.

Actually, if you install Netbackup on Solaris, you can also run the Explorer command using an option “nbu_extended” like this:

/opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer -w default,nbu_extended

with “nbu_extended” option, the Explorer will collects Extended NetBackup information. Its not only gather the log, it will also run a few commands, collect the directories and more. see here to know what Explorer with nbu_extended do later on your systems.

Back to NBSU, for more detail about this great tools and to understand well on how to run nbsu commands, please click the link below:

DOCUMENTATION: What is the nbsupport utility and where can it be found?

DOCUMENTATION AND DOWNLOAD: NetBackup Support Utility (NBSU) Usage and Examples for 6.x. NBSU was released with 6.5, 6.0 MP6, and 5.1 MP7, and replaces what is known as “nbsupport” in previous versions.


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