How to clear fmadm log or FMA faults log

Here are the step by step of clearing the FMA faults on most of Oracle/Sun server. Work perfectly on Solaris 10:

Clear fmadm log, Example :
For each fault listed in the ‘fmadm faulty’ run:
# fmadm repair <uuid>   (OR if the components are listed instead, e.g.:)
# fmadm repair 568a9180-7308-4535-92e6-a7c17ef1bfef

[Clear ereports and resource cache:
# cd /var/fm/fmd
# rm e* f* c*/eft/* r*/*

[Clearing out FMA files with no reboot needed:
svcadm disable -s svc:/system/fmd:default
cd /var/fm/fmd
find /var/fm/fmd -type f -exec ls {} \;
find /var/fm/fmd -type f -exec rm {} \;
svcadm enable svc:/system/fmd:default

[Reset the fmd serd modules:
# fmadm reset cpumem-diagnosis
# fmadm reset cpumem-retire
# fmadm reset eft
# fmadm reset io-retire

5 responses to “How to clear fmadm log or FMA faults log

    • The iostat error value will not be reset to zero until system rebooted.. But, this can be achieved in Solaris 10 3/05 and later. If you hv an access to My Oracle Support, search the document ID 1012731.1.

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