Solaris 11 ZFS Root Recovery


* Boot system into single user via network or CDROM.
boot net -s
boot cdrom -s

* On X86 machine, you need edit grub and append -s on kernel line OR boot CDROM with Solaris-11-Text image/media, then select option “3 shell” on “Welcome to the Oracle Solaris Installation Menu”.
* If it ask username: root/solaris or root/password

# mkdir /a /b
# zpool import -R /a -f rpool
# zfs mount –o mountpoint=/b rpool/ROOT/solaris
# vi /b/etc/shadow

*Remove the root password section, it will become look like this:

*Note that by default, the new Solaris 11 doesn’t allow blank password
*To allow empty passwords at login:

# vi /b/etc/default/login
*Switch this line “PASSREQ=YES” to “PASSREQ=NO”

*If you access the system via SSH, also check the directive PermitEmptyPasswords in “/etc/ssh/sshd_config”
PermitEmptyPasswords yes

# cd /
# umount /b
# zpool export -f rpool
# reboot


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