ACSLS Command Reference


acsss_config run configuration script
bpdb.acsss backup acsls database
cmd_proc_shell provide shell access to the cmd_proc
config drives <panel_id> dynamically enables the addition, changes or delete drive type
db_command start|stop start or stop database -f db_file to migrate acsls database to another version -f db_file Import acsls database from another version
del_vol delete volume from an offline lsm display all drives types, media types and drive-to-media compatibility identify any available port that can be used by acsss
get_license_info display details on the installed license
greplog utility to filter acsss_event.log
kill.acsss terminate acsls
rc.acsss start acsls
rdb.acsss restore/recover acsls database
bdb.acsss -f /dev/rmt/2 backup database to specific tape
bdb.acsss -f db_file backup database to specific file
stats_report gather library volume statistical information
volrpt create volume report
watch_vols automatically assign ownership and pool association to volume as they are entered trough the CAP
idle stops acsls from processing new request
set cap mode automatic|manual change cap mode to automatic or manual


set cap mode automatic 0,0,1

set cap priority <0-16> Exp. set cap priority 16 0,0,1


audit 0,0,1 lsm 0,0

audit 0,0,1 panel 0,1,12

update acsls database to match the actual inventory of library volumes.

to audit lsm 0,0 and specify cap 0,0,1 for ejection

to audit panel 12 and specify cap 0,0,1 for ejection

query request all to display request IDs for all current and pending request
query volume DX123 query specific volume
cancel <request_id> cancels a current or pending request
clear lock


clear lock drive 0,0,10,0

to remove all active and pending locks on specific tranport or volume

clear lock for drive 0,0,10,0

mount <vol_id> <drive_id> Mount specific volume to specific drive

Exp. mount clnu001 0,0,10,0

Dismount <vol_id> <drive_id> dismount specific volume from specific drive

exp. dismount EDU200 0,0,10,1

move <vol_id> <lsm_id> move a specified volume to an available storage cell
eject <cap_id> <vol_id> eject specific volume to specific cap
eject <vol_range>


Exp. eject EDU2000-EDU2050

insert/import cartridge to library from specific cap

venter make a cap ready to enter unlabelled cartridge

(L5500, SL500 and SL8500 do not support unlabelled cartridge)

set clean <max_usage>


set clean 50 CLNU001

set clean off CLNU001

set the maximum usage of cleaning cartridge

set the maximum use to 50

set cleaning cartridge atribute off

set owner <owner_id> volume <vol_id> | volrange set volume ownership
set scratch [off] <pool_id> <vol_id> | volrange set or clear a volume scratch attribute and assign the volume to a pool
switch lmu <acs_id> manually switch lmu (on dual lmu configuration)
logoff exit from cmd_proc

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