Decommision Media Server

When a media server is decommisioned b4 removing from Netbackup , plz follow the below steps to make the setup stable once again.

Step 1 : go to server host properties & delete the media server name in the “Media server” List & also in the “server” list.

Step 2. Remove the storage unit which belongs to the particular decomissioned media

Step 3 : stop all the services then, Go to \install path\volmgr\database.

Rename the below files. globdb, robtic_def & ltdevis to .old
go to misc folder & delete all the files except the robotic_def directory.
get inside to this robotic_def dir & delete the files.

Step 4. start all the netbackup services

Open cmd promt & go to volmgr\bin dir

vmglob -set_gdbhost

Step 5. go to configure storage devices wizard. you can still see the decommisioned media server entry checkbox.

Delete the decomissioned media server entry alone & discover the conf storage device for the remaining servers

Now u will be able to run bpmedialist without any issues. Some of the tapes will show DBBackup status. You can bring them to scratch or secure the data. (solution given in previously for other person). run thru the forum for this.

This is the solution for ur query & nothing more u need.

Thank’s to Ranjith Kumar. J for the article..