Solaris Fault Manager

Today, I got an error like this:

SUNW-MSG-ID: FMD-8000-2K, TYPE: Defect, VER: 1, SEVERITY: Minor
EVENT-TIME: Tue Aug  4 14:52:43 WIT 2009
PLATFORM: SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise, CSN: BEF09142B8, HOSTNAME: server
SOURCE: fmd-self-diagnosis, REV: 1.0
EVENT-ID: d232928b-dd11-e149-b515-82ff5df189f8
DESC: A Solaris Fault Manager component has experienced an error that required the module to be disabled.  Refer to for more information.
AUTO-RESPONSE: The module has been disabled.  Events destined for the module will be saved for manual diagnosis.
IMPACT: Automated diagnosis and response for subsequent events associated with this module will not occur.
REC-ACTION: Use fmdump -v -u <EVENT-ID> to locate the module.  Use fmadm reset <module> to reset the module.
root@server #

and this:

Aug  4 14:37:13 server ufs: NOTICE: alloc: /var: file system full

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