Symantec OpsCenter Overview

What is Symantec OpsCenter?

OpsCenter is a web based monitoring, alerting, and reporting application which  is capable of providing these services for  the NetBackup platform as well as BackupExec, Enterprise Vault and  (through the  optional OpsCenter Analytics component) other third party data protection products.

OpsCenter 7  is a new product which replaces NOM and VBR,  combining  the features and capabilities both products into a single product together with significant performance and usability improvements.  OpsCenter 7 comes in two options –  OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics.

OpsCenter vs OpsCenter Analytics

OpsCenter is a free product which gives you the ability to monitor, alert and do operational reporting on NetBackup, Enterprise Vault, Backup Exec and PureDisk. OpsCenter server is part of NetBackup and can be deployed on master server for managing a single domain, or independently for managing multiple NetBackup Domains.  It also allows you to do minor management tasks such as “upping” tape drives, restarting failed jobs, freezing/unfreezing and other tape functions, restarting services/daemons on Masters etc. The free version limits historical reporting.

OpsCenter Analytics is a licensed option that is unlocked with a key. This gives the customer the ability to display customizable, multi-level views of backup and  archive resources and customizable reports for tracking service usage and expenditures. It also contains tools for defining cost metrics and chargeback formulas or handling alerts as well as allowing reporting beyond 60 days.

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