Step Upgrading to Veritas Netbackup 6

Step by Rakesh Khandelwal:

First check release notes to make sure H/W and O/S you are about to use is supported or not. Release Notes for UNIX and Windows ( )
Symantec’s Upgrade Guide, Version “B” ( )

Assuming you have already checked databse consistency and resolved any known or preexisting consistency issues or catalog inconsistencies

Step 1 : Prepare, Upgrade and Patcvh the Master Server

  1. Backup the catalogs
  2. In a c clustered environment, take NetBackup offline.
  3. Deactivate all policies.
  4. On Solaris Only, uninstall the old version of NetBackup.
  5. Upgrade the software:
  6. Stop all services.
  7. run the installation.
  8. Apply the latest maintenance packs.
    NOTE : For Windows clustered environments, perform NetBackup upgrade installations from the system console, not from a Remote Terminal Services sessions.

Step 2: Populate the EMM database

  1. Ensure that the daemons or services and processes are running.
  2. Run nbpushdata -add on the ipgraded systems in the following order:
    a) The host that was the 5.x Global Device Database host
    b) All upgraded master servers
    c) All upgraded 5.x Volume Database hosts
  3. Restart the services/daemons.
  4. Run nbpushdata -modify_5x_hosts on all 6.0 master servers.

Step 3: Upgrade the NetBackup Remote Administration Console System and any addition components

1.Stop all services/daemons

2.Run the installation.

3.Apply the latest maintenace packs.

4.Restart the services/daemons.

5.Upgrade and add-on components.

6.Install the latest maintenance packs for the add-on components.

Step 4: Prepare, upgrade and Patch the Media servers

  1. On Solaris only, uinstall the old version of NetBackup.
  2. Upgrade the software:
    a) Stop all services/daemons.
    b) Run the instalation.
  3. Apply the latest maintenance packs.
  4. Restart the services/daemons.
  5. Populate the EMM database:
    nbpushdata -add

Step 5: Upgrade the clients

  1. Perform local or remote client upgrades.
  2. Install the latest maintenance packs.

Step 6: Complete and Test the upgrade

  1. Activate the policies
  2. Run test backup jobs.
  3. Backup the catalogs.

Additional Information from Dennis Strom:

here all the info I have on upgrading. I even included a link to this post since I really liked Rakesh’s post.

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